Medicine and Spoons

The basic rule related to the intake of medicines both for the adults and the kids (kids are dependent on adults) is to follow the guidelines as prescribed by doctors. The prescription given by the doctors cannot be taken lightly at all and medical documents are filled with serious cases resulting from self-medication or not following of proper prescription.

A common Mistake:

Though people generally are educated enough to follow the medicine guidelines given by the doctors. However a mistake which some people do is related to the usage of spoons. There are cases when doctors refer medicines which are in the liquid form or syrups. Under such prescriptions doctors also mention the spoon size such as teaspoon etc.; well this spoon size is sometimes neglected by the masses. It is the duty of the parents particularly to ensure that the spoon size should be same as prescribed by the doctor. The size of the spoon has a significant impact upon the dose intake.


A research study on the subject was conducted in Greece by the Alfa Institute of Biomedical medicine Sciences. The researchers during their study took 25 houses as samples and from these houses they collected both tablespoons as well as teaspoons and the exact quantity was 25.  The main focus of the study was to find the dose difference in dissimilar houses because of spoon variations. The study revealed phenomenal results. The results are as followsresearchkey

  • There was a lot of variation in spoon size
  • The smallest spoon had liquid worth 2.5ml
  • The largest spoon had liquid worth 7.3ml
  • A regular medicine delivering spoon contains 5ml of liquid

According to the research there was a huge difference in the opinions of the individual as far as the question “when the spoon is full” is concerned. Similarly the solution’s amount also changed as per the teaspoons/ table spoons utilized in the houses.

The two main problems:

The research mentioned above was very much conclusive and it helped in the highlighting of two very critical problems. The problems are as follows

  • As far as the home teaspoons were concerned, they did not have any size which could be termed as standard. Due to no standard size the solution’s quantity was inconsistent
  • Even if the case is such that people are using a teaspoon which is perfect and which fulfills the criteria of standard size, still they these spoons were not filled fully due to one reason or another.

overdose_3_by_live2die69Final recommendations:

Some of our recommendations based on the research are as follows

  • As a responsible and educated individual you should never measure the syrup through tea or tablespoons. The reason is size variance
  • It is highly recommended that you should use a medicine spoon or an oral syringe. Needless to say prescription needs to be followed
  • There is no harm in seeking doctor’s advice as well. Doctors can provide valuable and useful tips related to the measuring of medicine


Overdosing is a growing tension for people living in the present century. This usually occurs when feeling depressed and wants to get rid of all thoughts going on in your mind and typically more common in younger generation. They really believe that it is the end of world and they can’t take it anymore and trying overdosing is the best alternate in their minds.

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