Tips To Prevent Drug Overdose

A Drug overdose is a serious situation and in many of the cases it has resulted in the death of the victim as well. The common causes of drug overdose involve accidents or intentional overdose. How dangerous the drug overdose can be depends on the drug which has been taken and also the amount of such drug. As a responsible citizen if you see an overdose victim, it is your duty to seek immediate medical assistance, as the faster you act the better it is for the individual. For every person it is important to make sure that he does not get into over dosage of any drug and prevents it from happening. Accidental overdose is difficult to prevent but it is not impossible. Here you will find some tips and ways to prevent accidental over doses.


Prevention is always better than a cure because you are better off staying away from a problem instead of getting into one. One of the first way to prevent oneself from drug overdose is to always read the directions and instructions of the medicine that you have been prescribed. All medicines have a label that tells you the required dose of a certain medicine. Therefore, it is important to always read it in order to prevent overuse.

Know Your Ingredients

According to this tip you should always know what your medicine contains. This is because for example if you have a cold and you are trying to cure it with the help of two different medicines, then make sure that both the medicines do not have the some contents. If this is the case then you will be taking an extra dose of the same medicine and that can harm your body in many ways.

Right Amount

There are many instances when you can find medicines of the same name for different age groups. When this is the case then make sure that you have the right medicine for the right age group. If you take the wrong medicine then you waste_medicines_image_2_mar14can accidently have an overdose of the medicine and that is never a good sign.

Difference Between Teaspoon And Tablespoon

This is perhaps the most common tip that everyone should know, the difference of a table spoon or tea spoon can matter a lot. This is because if the instructions of the medicine tell the patient to have a tea spoon and you accidently take a tablespoon of the medicine then things will start to get problematic.

These were a few things that you should know about the prevention of drug overdose. As a responsible and educated individual you should never measure the syrup through tea or tablespoons. The reason is size variance. It is highly recommended that you should use a medicine spoon or an oral syringe. Needless to say prescription needs to be followed. There is no harm in seeking doctor’s advice as well. Doctors can provide valuable and useful tips related to the measuring of medicine.

Overdosing is a growing tension for people living in the present century. This usually occurs when feeling depressed and wants to get rid of all thoughts going on in your mind and typically more common in younger generation. They really believe that it is the end of world and they can’t take it anymore and trying overdosing is the best alternate in their minds.

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